Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Engildening Of Fulgrim

No real exciting progress to report today, I'm afraid, chaps.  The next big process is adding in all the gold, but it'd fiddly work..... and fiddly work isn't my strong point.

The gold is all all Citadel Shining Gold.  There's a bit of Emperor's Children pink on Fulgrim's
handgun under his arm, though that's going to need another coat.

You will notice the sword and pommel have gone walkies.  I had just glued them on originally but they're too fragile and broke off while handling.  I suspect I'm going to need to pin them if I want to ever keep them in place.

A general tidying up is now required, catching all the rough edges, paint splatters and second coats required.  (Under the harsh light of the camera flash, I'm seeing way more purple shining through the brown rocks than I've noticed looking at the actual figure.)  Once that's all tidied up I can start worrying about washes and highlighting and really make this model pop.

I'm havering a bit on the colour for Fulgrim's armour colour, though.  The gold on the Alien Purple is looking pretty good, but I usually use a different colour for my officers.  For them, a long-cherished bottle of ancient Citadel Amethyst paint is broken out.  This is one of the oldest paints in my collection - it comes form the old Citadel Metallic Paint Set, and I think I bought it around 1994 or so.

Picture courtesy of the awesome

This paint set went out of print not long after, so when it does run out, I'm going to have to mix my own or hunt down a substitute paint.  Coat D'Arms Paints, who continue to manufacture an old Citadel paint-compatible product, have an "Amethest Purple" which ought to do the job.
 In the above picture, the two marines on the right have normal Alien Purple armour.  Meanwhile, the two chaps on the left are in Amethsyt "officer" colours.  (The second from left is a very old 1st Ed model, and was the very first Lord model I painted for the army.)

I am concerned that Fulgrim armour is already shiny enough without drowning it out in more metallic and it would be overkill that would take away from the impact of the gold.  Then again, "taste" isn't really a Slaanesh strongpoint and if anyone qualifies as an officer of the army, surely it's their goddamn Primarch?

What do you guys think?  Do I keep Fulgrim's armour Alien Purple, or do I make him Amethyst like my other officers?

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