Monday, 27 October 2014

One Week of Nerdity

Look, ma! A music joke!

Good news, everyone!  I'm on holiday all this week, which means me and Sister Superior have a nice breather.  It's been pretty hectic at work so I'm glad for an escape, and of course it's always good to have time off for Halloween so I can nerd it up something rotten over the period.

Anyway, I've been up to a multitude of nerdy things in the past week - including, finally, getting back to work on the missile silo.  Pictures and comments follow!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Battle Of Thermonaos - 1000 Point Imperials vs Chaos

An awesome Sister of Battle cosplay by JNA the Bornean cosplayer.
This monday I left Sister Superior on her own for the evening, travelled out to Dave's flat and took part in a wee game of Warhammer 40,000.  His good lady wife was away for a few days so he had the place to himself - we therefore hijacked his living room for a 1,000 point encounter between Chaos and Sisters.

A small 4 footish table was erected and dave covered it with his temple terrain.  His giant church may have been far too big for the table size... but it was too much fun not to use!  Our armies were broken out and deployed along the board, as well as a scattering of objectives (mostly down the centre line of the board).  Our mission was Big Guns Never Tire, which gives 3 points per objective held and also awards a point per Heavy Support unit destroyed (as well as a bonus point for First Blood and Slaying the Opposition Warlord)

The table at the time of deployment, with a squad of Chaos Marines and a Dark Apostle hiding in the large building.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Fugue State

Still waiting to launch
Previously I've tried to update at least once a week, but it's been a while since I posted regularly - my last post was almost three weeks ago.  For this I must apologise to my extensive readership of, ooooooh..... six people?  Maybe ten if I'm lucky?

The reason for this radio silence has been that I haven't been in a great way recently.  I've suffered on and off with depression for a while and various factors have seen me get a little worse recently - stress at work, the darker nights and the vaguaries of medication.  The end result is that I've been a bit absent from a lot of things.

However, I took a few hours painting today to try and clear my head.  When I can force myself into it, I do find painting a good activity to cheer me up - especially on a dark, cold and wet Glasgow winter night. Painting up some toy soldiers is an activity which does help keep me ticking over and  Sister Superior recommends I do it when I'm down to cheer me up.

I mean, look at him!  No-one was ever sad on Art Attack, were they?

Anyway, the point is, I sometimes go all quiet.... but not now!  Now I'm sharing my limited painting skills with you all once again!