Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Edge Of Skill

Some highlighting and drybrushing took place today.  Fulgrim is now starting to look about as good as my limited skills are going to get him.

Change of room this time: Fulgrim instead poses on the dining table.
Nothing too surreal was happening in the drybrushing choices.  Lucius Lilac over the purple; a lighter silver and gold colour for the metals; pink was edge painted on rather than drybrushed.  The only odd thing would perhaps be my choice of Citadel's old Dark Flesh colour to drybrush the base, since that gave it a sort of reddy-muddy hue.

I'll try and get some photos in the daylight soon rather than always mangle the flash/no-flash situation.
The face was the only part which, after the wash, came out poorly - so I repainted over with Bronzed Flesh and Elf Flesh to try and lighten it back up.  It looks.... better, I guess?  The detail isn't quite as stark, but the dark colouration was just far too much.  This was always the problem I found with faces as a child - wash them wrong and they became splodges.

Better painters than I could, I'm sure, do much more.  To be honest, while I had intended to do more highlighting than this I'm inclined to quit at this stage.  He's a pretty enough figure that my limited skills have brought out enough detail to make him still pretty cool.

Next step, then, is sticking some transfers on to the shoulder pads of the display base dead marines and then varnishing this bad boy.

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