Thursday, 30 January 2014

Order of Battle

A little piece of nostalgia
 After a fairly long period without actually much 40K playing taking place, I'm back in the swing of things now.  Last week I had a game of Zone Mortalis/Kill Team with Dave, and I have two more games scheduled for the next month.

First up, I have another Zone Mortalis/Kill Team game tomorrow.  Once again I'll be laying out a wad of advanced heroquest/D&D dungeon tiles.  (Though if I'd been more on the ball, I'd have tried to sort out some Space Hulk or Space Crusade board pieces - especially as the latter was the very first GW-related game I ever owned.

A map for mission 1 of Space Crusade - I don't think I've played this game since my age was in single digits
Rather than the kill team "claim single objective" mission, we're going to be using a different one from the Zone Mortalis rules.  Five objectives are scattered around.  Chaos will be defending them - the boarding party (with dave's Sisters front and center, I'll wager) must try and destroy them.  They're lightly armoured so it'll probably require heavier weapons rather than small arms to break 'em.  By having multiple objectives I'm hoping fighting will be more spread out and the whole board will see use, rather than a mad dash to a single spot.

Following that in February, however, is about as far as you can get from small Kill-Team games.... I've got my first ever Apocalypse game booked, so I'll get to use the book I got for Christmas.  Dave's missus is away for a night so we're booking a man-date to remember.

A large book for large games.
He's going to turn his living room into a 15' x 5' playing table and I've been asked to bring my entire Chaos Space Marine collection along - which, as totalled up at the end of the year, was just under 7k.  (This doesn't count Fulgrim or the latest guys getting painted, who should be ready in time.)  He weill be using a mixture of his Sisters, Marines and Tau to reach about the same target.  Fulgrim will be getting his first outing here, leading my chaps into the largest battle I've ever fought by quite some way.

I'm brushing up on some of the Apocalypse rules now, and I think we may need to fudge things a bit for the sisters: they have no unique strategic asset cards, which seems unfair.  Might rule a couple of the Imperial Guard and Marine ones can be used by them as well.

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