Thursday, 16 January 2014

Box Of Delights

This picture is a clue.

The above picture is an eBay auction I won a few days back.  A mixed back of figures, mostly Chaos Space Marines with a few Plague Marines, Beastmen, Chaos Dwarves and Space Marines thrown in, plus some transfers.  Considering the Rhino, Bike and Chaos Dwarves it was a bargain so I snapped it up.

So far, so dull, right? 

Except on Wednesday night RPG night was interrupted by a neighbour handing in a parcel which had come for me when I was out at work.  Cue a giant, board-game sized heavy box.  Since my birthday was just a couple of days before I wondered if it could be a present, so I opened it up....

Those are placemats - as you can see it's pretty big.
...a giant wooden box.  The label on the side mentions cutlery, and true enough when I open it up that's what it appears to be inside.  A box for storing cutlery.

Well, an old box for storing cutlery - inside it's clearly worn with age

Except it wasn't! The box was jammed with packing material and the contents of that eBay auction.  Look at that photo above again.  See the Rhino is on some sort of wooden object?  That's the box I was sent.  Rather than pack up the winnings in a cardboard box, the person has for some reason opted for this rather sizeable box.

The RPGers found it hilarious, mostly because I was so bamboozled.  All taped up and filled with bubble wrap, it took me a few minutes to get inside and realise what it was.  All the way through I was asking them, "What?  WHAT?  WHAT?"

Oh well: I've got my toys now, and a wooden box which I feel I should find a use for.

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