Sunday, 27 March 2016

Further Information: A Review Of C°ntinuum: Roleplaying In The Yet

A lot of the artwork for this game is weird.

C°ntinuum: Roleplaying In The Yet has a bit of a reputation in RPG circles - and not just because spelling the game "Continuum" would have been so much easier.  Comically out of print, getting a hold of an official hard copy was a years-long adventure for me that was only completed successfully with the help of a very nice German chap on RPG.Net.  It's considered something quite unique, a Time Travel themed RPG with a fleshed out post-time-travel society at the heart of it.

In an era when every product bar licensed RPGs tends to live on in electronic format years if not decades after production stops, the sad fact is that most of you will never be able to read the insistently titled C°ntinuum unless you find a pirated PDF on the interwebs.  How are you supposed to determine from the scant information online as to the merits of the game and whether it's worth investing in or, god help us, agreeing to play it with me?

The back cover says very little to really explain this bonkers game.

Hopefully the following post will provide some of you with answers, or at least a foundation on which to pose more detailed and relevant questions.  These are very much sought as I'm skimming a LOT of details here.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The City Of Lights: A Bearded Quail Travelogue

The view from the front door of our AirBNB.
Another adventure is at an end and Sister Superior and myself must return to work after a week off which included a journey to Paris.  Like our trip to Manchester last year, this ended up alternating between me satisfying my geeky urges and the missus satisfying her more glam interests.

A giant sized make-up shop.  It still didn't have the Sephora-made items she wanted, though.

Trips to museums, shops, archaeological sights and Disneyland turned up a host of interesting pictures for our collection.  Oh, and pictures of tartan shortbread boxes in Disneyland Paris.  Obviously.

He probably thinks he's got a great-great-grandfather who was a Scottish laird, the bloody Yank.
 Now, I know you're all of far too quiet and tender a disposition to hear about the primary reason for our visit - no, Dita Von Teese taking off her clothes and prancing around the Crazy Horse cabaret club isn't going to be your bag.  Even if it was, it isn't really within the purview of this blog, so we're compelled to move past it.

And definitely not include a gratuitous picture.
Instead we're going to give you the kind of article you expect - commentary on an excellent gaming shop I visited as well as some mixed RPG/wargaming thoughts brought about by the things I saw and did on my trip.

And definitely no more gratuitous pictures of barely clothed ladies.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Je Me Rappelle - Off To Paris

Part of the Auld Alliance
 So I'm afraid I'm going to be out of the country for the next few days, so dull stories of nerdity will have to wait.  Sister Superior and I are off on holiday to Paris!

This isn't the first time we've been to this city - according to my old blog I did so way back in the depths of March 2009.  I also didn't buy an RPG magazine I saw in the airport, apparently, which caused me much distress back then but now I have zero recollection of.

Anyway, tomorrow we go to what Sir Leander always insisted on calling "The Glorious Nation of France" will not return until early Friday evening.

Coat of Arms of Sir Leander, one of Sister Superior's Pendragon Characters -  Ermine A Cock Head Couped Purpure
Our foreign travels have a tendency to be Sister Superior's idea - it's not that I don't like going abroad, but it doesn't tend to be quite as urgent a demand for me, perhaps because I did a lot more travelling as a kid.  Every so often she has to nudge me and remind me it's been a while since we went overseas and then we look into a wee excursion.  This means, ala Manchester, finding somewhere than can appeal to our dual interests of geeky and gothy, nerdy and naughty, studious and sparkly.

We have more than succeeded this time, with a capital "Von Teese".

Show You A Good Time: An Updated RPG List

Excuse the meme pictures but we need to break up the upcoming long block of text.

For the last couple of days I've been updating my list of RPGs owned.  I usually keep this on one of the campaign wikis because it's a useful tool when asking my players if there's anything they'd like to try that they haven't yet.

It, um, it's getting a bit silly.
Click below the link to see a list - unless otherwise stated these are all games in hardcopy, either a book or a printed PDF.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Watching Them Come And Go: Back To Warhammer Painting

The Chaos Dwarf Host as it currently stands.

While I've given you some RPGing and some terrain-making in 2016, I've yet to give you any figure painting.  The supposed purpose of this blog, recording my dabbling in wargaming, has been somewhat lacking of late.

The last time I posted about painting a figure was all the way back in July 2015 - a mystical ancient land, when David Bowie and Wes Craven still walked amongst the people who had not yet heard of liquid water on Mars or Zika virus outbreaks.  Instead they had to amuse themselves with the US and Cuba renormalising their diplomatic relations while tawdry British tabloids accused the royals of fascism and lords of being coke-using prostitute-hiring cross-dressers.

And somehow, we claim our media is classier than America's

The last thing I posted about painting was Hobgoblins - another ten archers were needed to get my unit up from twenty to thirty.  I was having trouble sourcing or converting a standard bearer, too.

Since then I had played the Chaos Dwarfs with Paul - well, I played "Abyssal Dwarfs" in Kings of War but close enough, right?  However I haven't done much about putting ink to plastic and finishing my proposed three by ten block of Noblin goodness.

The last figures you saw on the produciton line.
The last couple of days I finally got the painting table set up and sat down with these figures to try and make some progess.  I want to try and rekindle my wargaming hobby progress after a six month crash and burn.

So, here it is, ladies and gentlemen: the inevitable return of the great sideburned hope.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Blast From The Past: White Dwarf 83 and 92

Released in the same month as White Dwarf 83.  If you're anything like me, you're thinking of Somewhere Out There and filling up/.
OK, way back at the start of the year I got five old issues of White Dwarf from my local gaming shop's second hand bin.  Three of them have already been reviewed, so let's set our flux capacitors for 1986 / 1987 and see what we've got this time round!