Thursday, 29 October 2015

Three's Company: A Multi-Person Dungeonbowl

It's All Cool If You're Following The Golden Rule
As part of my attempt to resuscitate this blog, I can bring you a report on my first wargamey type thing in ages which took place last week on Wednesday.

Priestly Paul invited me over to his, because he had a guest from out of town - Nottingham Oldhammer type Jon Boyce - and thought some sort of three person game could be fun.  After some discussion we settled on Dungeonbowl, so we gathered at Paul's house.  I brought along my Dungeonbowl tokens and board pieces, both authentic 1980s originals and scanned-and-printed duplicates, to assemble a large dungeon fit for three.

The dungeon layout as we prepare to start: three by three grid with end zones at the middle points.  Note I've eschewed the "big empty" rooms for a more cramped design.

In the vein of the classic Dungeonbowl rules, where teams were not mono-species but alliances formed by alliegence to the Colleges of Magic, each of the three teams were a fusion.  As per the 1990s 3rd update to the rules this meant each team had access to a Main Race, Other Race and Last Race with progressively fewer team members allowed from each person.  Jon chose his team to fight on behalf of the masters of Dark Magic and was made of Undead with some Dark Elves for grace and a Troll for muscle.  Paul meanwhile was there representing the Celestial College, so High Elves and Wood Elves allied together with the assistance of a Treeman.

Things were a little trickier for me, since my usual team choices aren't in the old Dungeonbowl rules. 

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Is There Anybody Out There? Depression, With A BIt Of Roleplaying

...Is There Anybody OUT THERE?
Updates have been non-existent here for a month or so now, which may seem surprising when one considers how full of beans I was after Manchester.  Wasn't I inspired to go on with painting the Imperial Knight?  Didn't I have new terrain ideas?  Wasn't I ready to ramble on more about RPGs?
Er, it didn't quite work that way.

It was all so happy in the last post, wasn't it?

Alas, my depression has kicked in something rotten and what I first thought was a post-weekend-away-dip had rather persisted.  Curiously, it was the exact same time last year I crashed out of the blog - do I just subconsciously hate the bit of October that isn't halloween?  Life is full of mysteries, I guess.

I've not been posting on the blog because I've been struggling to do anything worth blogging about. My painting and modelling has dropped to zero, and I haven't even bought any figures or games worth discussing.  As I often do when I'm sick, I've had a tendency to just sort of stare into space with no expression on my face bar whatever is going on with my Peter Capaldi eyebrows