Thursday, 16 January 2014


We said that already in the title, thanks.
 Alas, I haven't spent much time painting in the last couple of days.  RPG night yesterday and other stuff today put paid to that.  However, I did manage to put some transfers on Fulgrim: and, yes, build a lego DeLorean, which isn't related to this blog but I have a picture of it anyway.

"THIRTEEN!.... no, wait, THREE, sorry, been watching a lot of Rome lately."

The transfers are, as ever, oddities from my selection,  The roman numerals are the old Ultramarines transfers; the white skull and fist come from an Imperial Guard transfer sheet (included in that weird wooden box) and aren't quite right but are close enough.

You will have noticed a lot of Private Eye in use as sheets to put down while painting.
Once on, patted down and left for a bit, I painted on a bit of satin varnish to help seal the transfers on.  Especially with my oily half-Italian hands, they rub off too easilly otherwise.

Tomorrow I'm going to give the figure a coat of matt varnish.  Usually I just do one coat, but I might do two on this guy just to keep him properly coated up.

And, while it's not Warhammer related in the slightest...  isn't this cool?

"It's about your kids, Marty!"

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