Thursday, 9 January 2014

Slow Work

Yes, I know, I've been a bad nerd and not updated on Fulgrim!  Returning to work, RPG night and a coffee meet-up after work tonight has meant he hasn't progressed much but I'll do my best to rectify this soon.

Tonight's coffee meetup was at Geek Retreat, a glasgow nerd hangout, with my chum David.  He's one of the guys who got me back into 40K and was my first opponent in about a decade.  We still play very frequently and also just generally natter a lot, being about the same age.  Like me David prefers to play 40K in a more laid back way and together with a couple of other players we have strung some recent battles into a vague narrative of sorts.  He has two armies, Sisters of Battle (occasionally with space marine allies) and Tau which are both painted in a dark purple scheme - together with my marines, the field is positively awash with amethyst.

We spent a fair bit talking about 40K, in particular about his games over Christmas and my recent purchase of Apocalypse.  He also very kindly gave me a few Chaos Cultists he had acquired - like myself and a few of our other chums, he picks up odd purchases on eBay which can include bundles of figures of which not all are of use to him so we sometimes end up donating figures to each other's battle funds.  Thanks to Dave I got my first Chaos Space Marine Raptors, which have become one of my favourite units; whereas I donated some Eldar to him for when he was using them as "alien auxiliary" allies for his Tau army.  I've got 28 Cultists already painted up (the Dark Vengeance ones plus some old metal Cultists & Necromunda Redemptionists) but these and others I've picked up are a future painting mission, to give my guys more goons to throw wave after wave of at the enemy.

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