Thursday, 2 January 2014

Swishing His Mighty Cloak

I'm not the greatest of painters, alas.  If you're tuning into this blog for beautiful artwork then... frankly, skip all the posts I make about my own figures.  Nor am I the neatest of painters, alas, so I usually have do a base coat then a "tidy up" coat where I catch all the rough edges of my blocks of colour.

I am, however, still happy to show you how my own limited skills are progress as I present the current state of play on Fulgrim.  Here's a couple of phone snaps from my desk, with Fulgrim on both parts of his display base.

As previously discussed, the whole figure was sprayed Army Painter Alien Purple.  For my Emperor's Children I used to spray a plain undercoat then paint over with purple (Citadel Foundation colour Hormagaunt Purple being my original choice) but the spray speeds things up a lot.  It is a dark colour so pinks etc need two coats over the purple to show up right.... but in my experience pink needs two coats minimum anyway.

The rocks that form his scenic base are Rhinox Hide.  Vallejo Off-White has been used for his hair and also for the shoulder pads of the two pre-Heresy Emperor's Children on the display base - my Chaos Army have pink shoulder pads (Emperor's Children, appropriately enough) to show their Slaanesh devotion but here it felt inappropriate.  Fulgrim's skin was also done first in Off-White, then painted over with old Citadel Elf Flesh to give him appropriately pale skin.

One of the Marines on the base is clearly a member of the Iron Hands with all the bionics he has - he was coated over in Army Painter Black, and bionics/gun/shoulder trim done in old Citadel Boltgun Metal.

The cloak was painted in a custom mixed colour I use so often, I should probably make a permanent pot of it - it's half Vallejo Off-White, half Vallejo Pink.  This comes out a very nice, pale pink a bit like Changeling Pink and is my preferred colour for cloaks, loin cloths and the like - especially when I use Alien Purple to pick out detail.

The main problem I'm having so far is that as usual when I use spray undercoat not all the figure gets covered - little nooks and crannies are left raw.  This isn't much of a problem with metal or plastic but resin can be a bit more awkward about taking paint raw.

Next on the agenda is gold.  Lots of gold!  All the lovely details on Fulgrim's armour need picked out to justify its title of "The Gilded Panoply"

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