Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Curse Of The Pink Pauldrons

Today's post is brought to you in association with the letters E, C and the numbers 246, 96 and 171
Finally, I have gotten back to the painting grindstone!  This weekend I broke out the last of one pot of Emperor's Children pink - and the start of a new one - to paint up my Emperor's Children marines and get them looking a bit less Hawk Lords and a bit more Gay Mountain.

As usual I stuck on some listening material.  I'm on a Doctor Who kick right now, so I'm listening to some old Big Finish audio dramas I have from when I were a lad.

Sylvester McCoy + rain + Sophie Aldred + rain + Daleks + rain= The Genocide Machine

Unfortunately, Pink isn't a great colour to work with - like yellow it's just a bit too light and often requires a couple of coats.  The purple undercoat doesn't help - it speeds up painting the body, but any streakyness will show through immediately.  Therefore I ended upw ith about three coats on most of the figures to hit all the relevant parts sufficiently.

The lads so far.
As you can see since I've last photographed them it's really just pink that's been done, though the one figure with flesh visible has been given a coat on his head.

Some close-up detail of the rather messy current stage.
 All shoulder-pads, feet, helmets and Bolters are in pink.  The heavy weapons aren't pink, though: I do them in silver to keep them looking "serious business" and so they stand out in the middle of the Bolters.

A comparison with what I have so far and my existing heavy weapon Marines.
Obviously there's still quite a bit to go.  Next up will be the silver and then the orange: this isn't on my normal marines, but it does go on the heavy weapon ones to give them a distinguishing feature.

The wheels so far.
Hoepfully not so long between painting updates next time, boys and girls!

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