Thursday, 20 February 2014

T MInus 1 Day And Counting

Work is finished for the week: I have a holiday day tomorrow especially for my big
 Apocalypse game.  A spray coating of matt varnish last night sealed the deal on the Havocs for the time being, and now it's just time to brush up on some rules and choose exactly how to organise some units.

My opponent has been busy too, though, and has prepared our battlefield...

The fields of Acanthus II
Dave has set up a giant table in his living room, which he advises measures somewhere in the region of 15 foot wide.  Craft paper forms a giant lake in the middle, with a bridge for safe passage across.  I'll be bringing some of my own terrain with me tomorrow to help pad it out including roads to tart up the bridge and rock spires for some additional cover.

The setting is the planet Acanthus II, which has become the setting for several of our adventures.  My regular opponents enjoy some role-playing narrative forming around our games - Dave, Charles and Stuart all enjoy scribbling down some preamble to adventures or some in-character smack-talk on Facebook.  The past few games involving Dave, Stuart, Rory and myself have involved a narrative of the planet of Acanthus II were an anti-Imperium rebellion has been used as a landing ground for a Chaos incursion - over the course of our battles the main momentium of the invasion has been neutered somewhat but Chaos continues to be a threat, with strongholds on chunks of the planet the Imperium can't break without bombing the whole planet into the stone age.

This latest battle is noteworth for being the first chance I'll have to play Fulgrim in a match - he'll be using his Horus Heresy rules and will almost certainly be the Warmaster for the entire Chaos force.  I'll be very interested to see how he behaves and if he can get into melee with anyone for a clash of titans.

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