Monday, 17 February 2014

T Minus 4 Days And Counting

There's only 4 days to go until my Apocalypse game yet there's been a fair bit of radio silence here recently, for which I apologise.  Wednesday/Thursday I was busy with friends and family, then Friday was a Valentines Day meal with Ailsa that rather precluded painting toy soldiers.

However, Saturday and Sunday only included radio silence because I was ensconced in the nerd room working my way through a fair few colours of paint and trying to get something respectable to play!

The progress so far.  Bolters to rear; heavy bolters middle; other heavy weapons front.
Here are the Havocs so far.  The final colours have all been placed on; and then second coats & tidying up commenced to get the figures looking more presentable.

Vallejo Off-White has been used for skulls; old citadel Blazing Orange for the heavy weapon details.  Otherwise I think it's all pretty same-old, same-old - the yellow & pink got a couple of coats to try and get it solid and bright.

Close-up of the Bolters & Heavy Bolters

While I do like the Army Painter sprays a lot I'm less wowed by their bottles of paint.  The Alien Purple spray goes on really evenly and gives an excellent colour, but the bottled Alien Purple is a little bit thin and always seems to need two coats.  (Not helped by the fact the main thing I'm going to need to tidy up is bright pink, which manages to shine through quite strongly.)

Close-up on the missile launchers.

The bases have been PVAed, so they'll need painting red and then I can move on to shading.  Probably struggle to do anything especially pretty before they see use on Friday - especially as Wednesday is RPG night and Thursday night I need to convert the room into a spare bedroom for a friend staying over, I've only really got two nights left.  But I can at least get them vaguely presentable for the game.

The Rhino has proven a bit of a challenge - for some reason tidying up has been difficult and every time I get one colour sorted, another now needs touching up.  The yellow helmet is several coats down yet still looking not bright enough for my tastes.  Curse you, yellow, you've always been the arsiest of colours!

In other news, I'm once again making moulds and have started on Hobgoblins for my Chaos Dwarves.  Once these Havocs are out the way, I want to move onto Warhammer Fantasy so expect to see a run of casts in the near future - quality remains to be seen!

Further adventures in rubber to follow.  (Don't get too excited)

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