Tuesday, 18 February 2014

T Minus 3 Days And Counting

On what will be my last real chance to play before Apocalypse commences, further progress has been made.  The figures are not pretty.... but they're playable.

The Havocs and their ride, all based and shaded.
Yesterday evening I have the figures a coat of paint on their bases - Mephiston Red for the texture, Rhinox Hide for the trim.  The actual basing material is a mixture of fine cork dust along with some chunkier bits to vary it up.

The Autocannon-wielding chap, the only heavy weapon I couldn't now play a Horus Heresy-legal unit of.
Today meanwhile it was shading: Druchii Violet to the pink & purple, Dark Tone Quickshade to the metals.  A watered down Rhinox hide was used on the yellow to try and preserve the shade I'd needed so many coats to achieve.

Closer detail on the wheels.
Obviously I don't have dry-brushing or transfers done but I reckon with a spray of varnish tomorrow, these guys will be acceptable to throw on the table - and allow me a chunk more heavy support on the table when I go up against the Tau/Sisters/Marines mish-mash I expect to face on Friday.

Flakk missiles - expensive but one of my few anti-aircraft choices.

Dave has been doing some more work himself, so I'll be encountering some new sisters in my end of week escapades.

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