Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Five For Silver

Mithril Silver is no more in the GW paint range these days,. so it's Runefang Steel I'm slapping on now to give my guys silver details.  (Including the bright silver heavy weaponry, to make them look chunkier and more "business-like" than the others.)

While I've grown more fond of gold details for my models, these guys are adding to earlier units who used silver, so I'm matching up the colours with them.

Here's my progress so far on the marines who have had Runefang Steel and Yriel Yellow painted on.  (Yriel Yellow being the plume and eye colour)

The Rhino is starting to come together - more pink than one the last one I painted (which didn't have pink front plates, I think) but I think I prefer it this way - a bit more eye catching.

Some close-ups so far of the models.  Silver buckles/chest details and some slight work on any kneepads was included too, though of course this is all pre-tidy-up-coat so it's still very rough and ready.

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