Friday, 28 February 2014

Daylight Sheds On Havoc

Finally, the Havocs have had some final touching up on the last couple of days to add details and then the transfers - all under the gaze of the daylight bulb my girlfriend bought me for the Nerd Room.  Under the glow of that bulb I present them, now finally complete.
The Havocs fully painted.

Changeling Pink and Lucius Lilac was drybrushed over the pink and purple respectively.  I also painted some Emperors Children pink over the shoulder pads, as the washes always dirty up large flat space like that too much.  After that it's some Army Painter Orange to lighten up the orange sections and we're mostly done.

These two chaps give me enough botlter Marines to play a legal Horus Heresy army.

Transfers come form the standard Chaos sheet: from the model's point of view, it's Emperor's Children wing/claw logo on the left hand shoulder pad and the Slaanesh symbol on the right,  All that I'll need to do is a second coat of varnish to keep all that detail safe, including locking the transfers in place.

....Blimey, this photo actually looks quite good.

 With the Havocs finished, I have a whole bunch of new options for my Chaos Space Marines as well as tools for when I try to play the Horus Heresy rules.  However, as February closes I shan't be moving on to more Chaos Space Marines.  No, March will instead see me properly delve into this box...

It's called "The Bearded Quail", after all...

 ...where all my Chaos Dwarf bits are held.  I want to try and start up casting, assembling and/or painting all my bits and pieces and get a small army together pronto.  Regular Warhammer 40K buddy Charles also plays Fantasy and as well as his existing Tomb Kings army has just started up a new High Elf army - it's therefore an ideal time to try and get into it.

So, expect less of this for the next wee while...

...and more of this.


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