Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Colour Scheme Question

UPDATED 02/04/14 - Now includes side-by-side comparison of Hobgoblins and Chaos Dwarfs
So whatever happened to those Hobgoblins, you might ask?  Those ones I presented to you as ready to paint?

Yeah, them.

Well, I have started painting them, but I have a colour scheme question so I'm seeking you, The Internet, to offer your reccomendation.

The rough early stages.

As you can see here I've started painting the basics on all these figures.  Same base arrangement as the Chaos Dwarfs with fine cork chippings covered in Adeptus Battlegrey; and unsurprisingly I've gone for Goblin Green for skin and Runefang Steel for metal.

And yes, I used my stupid palette.

However, I'm unsure what colour to paint the robes.  I didn't want to paint the same colour scheme as the Chaos Dwarfs - if I was going to give them standard Warhammer goblinoid green skin, dark green robes would just splodge into the main.  Instead, I figured I'd go red for the robes, since that sorta inverts the colour scheme of the Chaos Dwarfs - rather than dark green with red detail it'll be red with green "detail" on the skin.

The concern is if they'll look too different to the Chaos Dwarfs - they may be auxiliaries/slaves/wave after wave of my own men but they should still look related. From my Chaos Space Marine army I know this can work, as my Chaos Cultists aren't purple with pink but a pale pink shade that makes them clearly distinct from the Marines yet somehow related.

From the Acanthus II battle report: Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Cultists

Here's the three colours I'm considering right now.  Left is Blood Red, the lightest of the colours; middle is Mephiston Red, which is very slightly darker (though on the flash it doesn't show up very well); to the right is a 1:1 mixture of Mephiston Red and Rhinox Hide to make a sort of maroon hue.

The three colours: Blood Red, Mephiston Red and Mephiston Red/Rhinox Hide.

So then, blogosphere: Which of these three colour schemes do you like the best?  And if you think they all suck, what would you recommend as an appropriate robe colour instead?

Chaos Dwarfs and the test Hobgoblins side by side.


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