Monday, 31 March 2014

The Bearded Quail - A 3 Month Summary

It's now been 3 months since I started this blog.  I've not painted as many figures in that time as I wanted to, but I have been able to record all the stuff I've been playing and writing which is enjoyable.  (If nothing else, I do like the sound of my own voice, either in audio or electronic format.)

So for the perpetually bored, here's some stats on my blog so far:

Total Posts in 3 Months
I've racked up 52 posts.  That averages to about one post every 1.7 days - so I've been posting content pretty frequently.

Figures Painted in 3 Months

That means the total has been 18 figures, a vehicle and a display base.  So an average of 6 figures per month.  Speed wise that's pretty lacking - though of course Fulgrim drags that average down with the time I spent on a single chap. 

Still, I managed to get the shell of a Horus Heresy-legal army made with my additions to my Chaos Space Marines and I finally started the Chaos Dwarfs .  14 Hobgoblins have been spray undercoated and are the next project on the agenda so I'm hoping before the middle of the year I'll have enough Fantasy figures to play my first small game.

Games Played In Past 3 Months And W/L/D Record

  • Warhammer 40,000 - 1/4/0
  • Dreadball - 2/3/0

I think it goes without saying that if I'm going to continue playing I need to do something about this record.  My play skill is clearly lacking, and there's only so many times I can blame that on bad luck, poor codex balance or disadvantageous scenarios! 
I'd like to play more Blood Bowl - I haven't touched that since I moved flat, and it's a game I have been known to enjoy.  Might be very interesting to play it again after trying Dreadball.

Most Popular Posts

Since I started my blog it's been apparent that posts I link to on external sites attract the most attention and this list shows that's continued to be the case.  In all these cases I posted links off-site with a picture & description and it obviously dragged along some different readers.  I post my more interesting 40K posts on a few Glasgow wargaming Facebook groups I'm members of; the Dreadball posts get a post on the Dreadball Fanatics Facebook group; and the Scratchbuilding post is an oddity in that I posted it on a fellow blogger's page, being as it is a love-letter to his blog and the influence it had on me.

In particular the two posts jostling for the top spot have quite sexy premises - the start of an epic 40K battle report far larger than most people's typical games, and a completed Forge World model.  It's hard to trump that with "another ten Marines" or "another game of a normal size where I played and lost". 

Here's hoping I can keep posting, painting and playing.

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