Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hobgoblin Completion

Not as many Hobgoblin-article-header-picture options as I'd like
 At this stage I'm pretty happy with what I've done with my Hobgoblins.  They've had a wash, a little bit of highlighting and I think they look pretty good.  A brighter red than I'd intitially intended, mind.

The 14 finished Hobgoblins all ranked up.
The whole of each model was covered in Army Painter Soft Tone - the lightest of their Quickshades, which has a more browny than blacky hue.  This worked quite well on the red, though I'm not so sure on the green.

I drybrushed the bases Astronomicon Grey which gives them their bluey-grey ash wastes feel.  After that it was time for edge highlighting - something I do very rarely, tending to just stick with drybrushing where at all possible.  I don't have fantastic steadiness of hand but I tested one figure and really liked how it came out.

Close-up on one of the metal figures.
The red was given Blood Red highlights, while the hobgoblin skin was given a custom George colour highlight of Wyrdstone Green: equal parts Goblin Green and Sunburst Yellow for a light yet slightly pale green hue.

From left to right: Wyrdstone Green, Goblin Green, Caliban Green

While my work remains very rough and irregular, it still seems to bring the colour out quite well for me.  Some of my figures have a bit of a dirty finish but these guys seem very bright and cartoony.

Not sure what to move onto next - do I finish the Hobgoblin or Blunderbus unit up to a legal size?  In either case I'll need to case a few more figures, so that's next on my agenda regardless.

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