Friday, 25 April 2014

Return To Nerdity

If only the Glasgow post office was staffed by people as good as Pat.  (And with as a good a theme tune.)
No sooner did I return from my cruise then a torrent of nerdy stuff arrived in the post.  I had a parcel awaiting me on my return; the day of my return, another parcel arrived; and this morning another parcel arrived.  I'd better enjoy it while it lasts: the cruise has rather wiped out the Quail's finances!

Them Polish chappies make damn fine figures.
 First up, courtesy of Scibor Miniatures' sculpting and the rather ace Troll Trader online store comes a figure whose mundane name of "Egyptian Sci-Fi Warrior" does not do justice to how awesome he is.  His Horus helmet, desert-terrain base and bad-ass weapon mark him out as a cool dude.
My previously painted Thousand Sons sorcerer and Dreadnought Helbrute
Although my Chaos Space Marines are mostly Emperor's Children I have small smatterings of other paint schemes, including a wee posse of Thousand Sons in pre-Heresy red - a unit of 9, 2 sorcerers and a Dreanought.  I think this eagle-headed chap could make a cool third sorcerer.

It's not the winning or the losing, it's the maiming that counts.
Next up is Blood Bowl 2nd Edition.  I'm a huge Blood Bowl fan - I think it might be my favourite of all of Games Workshop's many games - but I started with 3rd Ed and don't own anything before that.  I've often hunted for the older editions on eBay but they can go for slightly silly money, especially considering they come with identical monopose plastic figures.  We're talking "Buy it Now for £80.00" silly money here.

The contents, all present and correct.
However, I never give up on getting a bargain - I am Scottish, after all, a nation of spendthrifts!  So after a long time hunting I lucked into a cheap auction for a complete Blood Bowl 2nd Ed box.  Both Human and Orc teams fully present and best of all the styrofoam "Astrogranite" playing surface - which, although physically a little smaller than a 3rd ed board, has the same number of squares as a 3rd Ed board so should still be fine to play with.

This one is particularly surprising.
I even managed to, before going on the cruise, get delivered a Dungeonbowl box.  A 2nd Ed Blood Bowl supplement (wherein you play the game not in a nice neat football ground-like-pitch but in the confines of a D&D-style dungeon) this was also nabbed at a bargain price after years of hunting.  Result!

The final delivery was not one I purchased but a present from my lovely girlfriend - in honour of our 10th anniversary she got me a Forge World present.

Resist... urge... to.... paint... blue... with... yellow... number... "one"... on... side...
This is the Chaos Dwarf Iron Daemon, and it's basically a steam train of death.  Cannons at the front can fire and the spikes and sheer mass allow it to ram enemy units.  More importantly, however, it can pull Chaos Dwarf artillery pieces behind it - towing cannons into position and allowing otherwise stationary guns to be moved around the table.

I particularly like the crew: the shoveller at the very back, forcing coal into the engine while the gunner peers around.

This will be a particularly pretty figure to paint up, and according to my chum Charles it isn't bad on the table either.  Plus, of course, having something to tow artillery pieces means that an artillery piece or two may be in my future....

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