Monday, 28 July 2014

Iron Daemon Update

The slightly more mischievous of the classic Railway Series engines.
It's been a while since I posted any painting updates, so here's some info on a figure I like to call "James The Death Engine" but you might know as "Chaos Dwarf Iron Daemon"

The undercoat applied to my anniversary present.

First, James was cleaned and assembled from all the bits in the Forge World bag. A few bits were bent and so needed heated with hot water and gently pushed into place.  I did not put all the crew on at this stage - you can see the shoveller for the engine at the back, but the driver and gunner were kept off and sprayed spearately.

As so.
As you may have guessed from the name, I'm going to paint this bad boy in red.  I was a little unsure how to paint it - I wanted it to sit right alongside my army but dark green didn't seem right, nor did a heavy bronze or silver look.  Instead I decided to go with deep red, with lots of bronze and silver details scattered about.

The current state of play.

The same general colour scheme was used as before: Mephiston Red, Dwarf Bronze, Caliban Green, Dwarf Flesh etc etc.  All much the same as before.  I was running out of Runefang Steel, however, so I picked up some new paint....

Acceptable In The 80s

Or rather some old paint - the previously mentioned Coat D'Arms paints, made by the same people that made the 80s/early 90s GW paints and even sold in the same old fashioned little tubs.  Popping it open was a beautiful moment of being 8 years old again.

The gunner and driver, still off the figure.

Anyway, at this stage the colours are on the figures and tidying up is taking place.  I'm finding a lot of little nooks and crannies amongst the very complex engine section which need a little dab of paint but we're nearing the point where I can slather on the Quickshade and have a functioning vehicle.

Until then, let's close on a song, as found on the internet by my mate Chris.

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