Monday, 4 August 2014

The Iron Daemon Rolls Out


Finally, the Iron Daemon is ready to trundle across the battlefield! Shading and some highlighting is done as well as my crappy skills will allow.

Base coated
First I tidied up the base coat as best I could, making sure to catch as much of the sections buried beneath pipework etc as I could.  The colours were just as per the Chaos Dwarves except for a little bit off Off-White to make the skull in the coat pit.  I finally glued the other two crew members into position.

Then my trusty Army Painter quickshade was layered on: slightly thinned down but basically placed everywhere.   I was worried this would be too dark for the skin but actually it gives the crew a good "dirty" look, as would befit people who worked on a steam engine.

The finished product

Finally came highlighting.  Warpstone Glow, a brighter green colour, was dry-brushed onto armour scales and painted on the larger helmet.  Bronzed Flesh was painted on the chaos star scar the shoveller has.  A mixture of Off-White and Silver was used to drybrush up some parts of the silver. 

Rear view

I mixed up some Mephiston Red and Army Painter Orange to make a bright red colour and spotted the various rivets and edges of the Iron Daemon to give it some colour depth.  This wasn't dry brushed on but manually painted - something I don't do often, but my experiments with edge highlighting has given good results.

Looking at these pictures I notice the shoveller has a big red mark on his cloth I somehow missed.  I've gone and patched this up.
Finally, a wash of thinned Chestnut Ink was applied to the front blades as well as to parts of the wheel hubs.  This wash was mopped up leaving just a faint residue.  I did this a second time and the end result was a dirty, rusty look to the metal.

Which takes us back to where we started.

So there it is: James The Death Engine is finished.  I was originally going to go back to Hobgoblins to bulk out my Sneaky Gits unit but I've got a bit of a terrain making bug so I might indulge that first.

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