Thursday, 20 March 2014

Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss - Base Colours Complete

Tbe base colours for my Chaos Dwarfs
Despite the posts about gaming recently, I have still been painting here and there.  Over the past week I've finally managed to get the base coats on my Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss dudes done.

As per my original post on Chaos Dwarfs, I wanted to do a different colour scheme than the traditional primarily red scheme.  The end result is something that's principally dark green, but still uses a splash of red to tie it back to the traditional look.

The first seven Chaos Dwarfs all painted up.
As you can see this is before any shading or highlighting - just basic block colours so far.  Model was sprayed white and then my usual "one coat of each, then a top-up & tidy-up coat" applied. 

Colour breakdown is as follows:

  • Armour: Caliban Green (current GW Base)
  • Flesh: Dwarf Flesh (old GW)
  • Wood/Leather: Khemri Brown (old GW Foundation)
  • Metal: Runefang Steel (current GW Layer)
  • Gun Barrel Hole: Army Painter Black
  • Beards: Mixture of Army Painter Black and Midnight Blue (Old GW)
  • Hat Detail: Mephiston Red (Current GW Base)
  • Hat Skulls: Dwarf Bronze (old GW)
  • Base: Adeptus Battlegrey (old GW Foundation)
View from the rear.
 I was a little unsure about the basing, because after my rocky Martian terrain for 40K another set of rocky terrain for fantasy without any trees seems a bit repetitive.  However, the Chaos Dwarfs are said to dwell in a dusty, arid land filled with ash and lava - it seems only fitting they should be based grey.

This weekend I'll stick shading over these guys then do some drybrushing - in particular the armour has lots of little scales, and I have a brighter shade of green to try and give that some depth.  The beards could also do with some attention, say Midnight Blue to bring out the curls.

Can you tell which of these guys are metal and which are home-cast?

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