Monday, 30 December 2013

My 2014 Objectives

The big point of this blog is to track my progress on my Hobby Goals for 2014.  So, the big question is: what are those goals?  The following is a large list and completing them all is not likely but gives an idea of what I'm interested in and what my order of prioritisation is.

Warhammer 40K

Objective Primaris: Paint up a Squat army, using Imperial Guard/Death Korps of Krieg to play them in 6E.  I already have many Mantic Forge Father figures to kickstart this, as well as some classic Squats I've picked up on eBay.

Objective Secundus: Assemble modular starship interior terrain for Zone Mortalis play.  I've really enjoyed playing Zone Mortalis this year just using D&D dungeon tiles - I'd like to get something a bit prettier made up.

Objective Tertius: Paint up additional units for my Chaos Space Marines to allow them to be used in the Horus Heresy rules-set.  The big requirement here is sorting out Troops, since my Chaos Space Marine army is heavy on Noise Marines rather than mundane Bolter chapsThis also includes a Boarding Shield-armed unit.

Objective Quartius: Paint up additional Chaos Space Marine units.  I've still got plenty to be painting!  Another unit of Noise Marines, regular and Sonic-armed Terminators, Possessed, a Heldrake...  This may also include Chaos Cultists which I'd play not as Cultists but as Imperial Guard allies.

Objective Quintus: Assemble additional terrain for my Martian-styled board.  I've enough terrain to be getting on with but it's almost all hills or rock spires.  More buildings for some variety would be nice.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles

Objective Primaris: Paint up a Chaos Dwarf army, using the army list from Forge World's Tamurkhan book.  I always had a soft spot for the Chaos Dwarves, whose 4th ed army list appeared in one of my first White Dwarf issues.  I've got a handful of older figures but Mantic's Abyssal Dwarves and Forge World's Warhammer Forge line will also be used.

Objective Secundus
: Assemble terrain for Fantasy play, most likely Chaos Dwarf/Dark Lands themed. I'm a little wary about making yet another "hills and rocks, no forests" table... but I'm not sure a generic grasslands table is appropriate for an army who tend to dwell in ash and lava!

Other Games

Objective Primaris
: Paint additional Dreadball figures, including Robots & Female Corporation team as well as various MVPs.  I supposed the Dreadball kickstarter and still have lots of toys from it to paint up, even though I've done a few teams and MVPs all over the year.

Objective Secundus: Assemble a modular Blood Bowl stadium.  I really like Blood Bowl and the thought of a 3D, polystyrene clad pitch sounds awesome!  I've become oddly fond of making terrain this year and I actually kinda look forward to the challenge of trying this.

Objective Tertius: Paint up Dreadfleet / Man-O-War models.  Dreadfleet may not be a great game, but the figures are gorgeous!  Naval wargaming is a thing which interests me - I've tried to make my own fantasy naval wargame before, and I'd like to get a game or two of Man-O-War in this year.

Objective Quartius: Assemble terrain for Dreadfleet / Man-O-War Man-O-War was one of the first true wargames I ever played so having a "real" game of it with a true table of terrain would be awesome.

Objective Quintus: Paint up additional Blood Bowl teams, possibly including a Chaos Dwarf or Bright Crusaders team.  Although I'm pretty set on my Amazon team, the Lustrian Pussycats, a Blood Bowl team is quick enough to paint - 16 figures and you're basically done.  As such I'd quite like to paint up a team or two if I get the chance.

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