Monday, 30 December 2013

In The Beginning

Hello all!  I am a long-time nerd who enjoys wargaming and has a few new projects on the go for the new year.  To help track my progress I'm going to be using this blog to track it all.

I've been an on and off Warhammer fan for most of my life - I started going to Games Workshop in 1991 for Space Crusade and ManOWar, but as a child I was never hugely successful at actually doing much painting or playing. I tended to drift in and out, painting a small amount of figures and playing a couple of games but mostly just reading the background material.

Two years ago I restarted Warhammer 40,000 and made a more concerted effort to paint up a Chaos Space Marine army with a Slaanesh theme.  I already had a wad of unpainted figures from previous runs, and I trawled eBay to pick up various bits and pieces. This is the end result:

That's over 6500 points worth of Chaos Space Marines, including many Noise Marines, many Helbrutes/Dreadnoughts and a few scratch-built vehicles.

Now, my Chaos Space Marines are still a lot of fun to play and paint - and I've got plenty more bits and bobs I could be doing with them. However, with 2014 I've got a hankering to do some different stuff, and this blog is going to be tracking how I get on with that goal!

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