Friday, 2 January 2015

My 2015 Objectives

Last year I posted a list of objectives for 2014.  An examination will show I acheived very little - I got the start of a Chaos Dwarf army ready but it's not yet enough to use, and while I technically have a Horus Heresy-able Emperors Children army it's still a bit bare bones. 

What follows is another such list for 2015, very similar in places, showing what my agenda is for the upcoming year.  The following is a large list and completing them all is not likely but gives an idea of what I'm interested in and what my order of prioritisation is.

Warhammer 40K

Objective Primaris: Paint up a Squat army, using Imperial Guard/Death Korps of Krieg to play them in 6E.  I'm still sitting on loads of Mantic Forge Father figures nd classic Squats - I just need to clear the time to turn this into reality and finally hit the table as per my original manifesto.

Objective Secundus: Assemble modular starship interior terrain for Zone Mortalis play.  Making something that is easy to store but cool to play on is difficult, but something worth achieving I think.  I've enjoyed the Zone Mortalis games I've played and I think I'm more drawn to smaller 40K games than the many hour 2000 point efforts.  At least this way I can lose quickly!

Objective Tertius: Paint up additional units for my Chaos Space Marines for use in the Horus Heresy rules-set.  Expanding my Raptors into a larger unit and adding Boarding Shield armed Marines would give me more troop options.

Objective Quartius: Paint up additional Chaos Space Marine units.  I've still got plenty to be painting!  Both first ed and Spellcrow component Noise Marines; regular and Sonic-armed Terminators; Possessed; more Bikes; a Heldrake...  And probably more Chaos Cultists, both with Cultist and Necromunda figures.

Objective Quintus: Assemble additional terrain for my Martian-styled board.  I liked making more buildings and would like to continue varying my terrain selection.  Rock spires and hills aren't terribly exciting.... though I might knock some more out just because they're easy.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles

Objective Primaris: Paint up a Chaos Dwarf army, using the army list from Forge World's Tamurkhan book.  We need to get lords & heroes for this, as well as more core troops - Hobgoblin Archers and Chaos Dwarf axemen are likely.

Objective Secundus
: Assemble terrain for Fantasy play, most likely Chaos Dwarf/Dark Lands themed. As before, I'm a little wary about making yet another "hills and rocks, no forests" table... but I'm not sure a generic grasslands table is appropriate for an army who tend to dwell in ash and lava!

Other Games

Objective Primaris
: Paint additional Dreadball figures, including Dreadball Xtreme figures as well as the Robots & Female Corporation teams and MVPs.  The Dreadball Xtreme Kickstarter means I'll be getting more figures throughout the years.  I'd really like to get the teams from Xtreme painted up so I can try out the slightly different rules for the "underground" version of the game.

Objectie Secundus: Paint up some Dark Future gangs.  This should be fairly straightforward as a small number of models goes a long way in this game.  Especially with the fourth Mad Max film coming out this year, it would be a fun thing to get going - and I definitely have some interest form my friends in playing this.

Objective Tertius: Paint up Dreadfleet / Man-O-War models.  I've now got an Empire, Dwarf and Dark Elf fleet on hand for Man'O'War that need painted up - I'll probably cast moulds from them since the figures are awkward to get a hold of and to keep me and my friends in spares.  

Objective Quartius: Assemble terrain for Dreadfleet / Man-O-War Naval wargaming remains something which appeals to me - even though it doesn't seem to excite much interest in my chums - and Man-O-War was one of the first true wargames I ever owned so having a "real" game of it with a true table of terrain would make 1991 George very happy

Objective Quintus: Paint up additional Blood Bowl teams, possibly including Chaos All-Stars, Chaos Dwarf or Bright Crusaders team.  Doing a Chaos team in pastel pink and greens came to me this year - as well as my other to-do-list missions.

Objective Sextus: Assemble a modular Blood Bowl stadium.  What puts me off this is that I haven't actually played much Blood Bowl in the past year, plus any stadium I made needs to be something I can store.  Still..... it would be a heck of a sight!

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