Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Happy Georgemas

Yes, folks, it's that time of year again.  Yesterday marked my birthday  and another change for Sister Superior to buy me many nerdy presents.

As has become traditional, I got my usual bag of weird and wonderful dice to add to my collection.  Some interesting D6s with such curious logos as a flamingo, a naked lady, a Thundercat symbol and a 30s/40s Italian eagle; a D2, a rather odd shaped dice resembling a cube with rounded sections so only four sides can support it; and a D10 with the ten commandments on it.  Obviously.

Just what you need when you want to determine which inappropriate thing a villain should do this week.
I also got a small Blood Bowl figure: for years I've had my eye on the Wererooster from Greebo, an Italian miniatures manufacturer, but it was always just a little too silly to justify buying.  Sister Superior decided to finally put me out of my misery and order it.  Unfortunately, despite being a single 28mm metal figure, there was a really long lead time - she ordered it at the end of November and it only showed up through the letter box on the morning of my birthday, i.e. a month and a half later.  Still made it for my birthday, but only just!


I feel this would be good as a weird referee.
 Along with some other odds and ends I got one other birthday present relevant to this blog.  Just a single figure with a gun, sword and shield.  Nothing fancy, really.....


Sister Superior's big present, on top of the Lego Ghostbusters ECTO-1 my roleplaying mates got me.
Yes, it's the Imperial Knight: the mighty plastic model kit from Games Workshop that strides head and shoulders above pretty much everything they make.  A humungous battlesuit that makes my  Chaos Space Marine Dreadnoughts and Hellbrutes look underwhelming, the figure is pretty awesome and would make a cool centerpiece to any army. 

The Imperial Knight next to a 28mm Space Marine for scale.  He's a big boy.
Now strictly speaking the rules right now don't cover Chaos Knights - though my Emperor's Children could use them either with my army in Horus Heresy mode or even just as Desperate Allies to full-on traitors - but older miniatures and fluff gave us the existence of several such Chaos Knights, including a host of Slaaneshi creations.  

Therefore, the possibility of assembling my figure with some Chaos-y touches looms far in my mind.  Hell, a touch of hot pink and royal purple paint will do wonders for turning that serious model into something befitting my Fabulous Marines, aith three different helmets and two different guns it has some customization potential even before you start painting.  Somehow it seems to call for more, though.

But what changes could I do, exactly?  Well, I went on Google, searched "Chaos 40K Knight Titan" and saw what interesting pictures I could find for inspiration...

A lovely pink Knight titan with beautiful paintwork and a converted hand using Maulerfiend tentacles.  The symbol on the shield is an image of the god/goddess Slaanesh from the original Realms of Chaos book, i.e. Slaanesh's first full appearance.

This model is too skull-y and Khorne-y for my tastes but shows how you can turn the basic model into something really over the top.  My chum Charles IDed the top of the model as coming from the Chaos Warshrine from Warhammer Fantasy

Right is a spikey model with the same horned top as the Khorne model.  The model on the left has been given a Tzeentchian style by using wings and head of a Heldrake to turn the model into a sort of robotic Lord of Change demon.

There's that Warshrine again!  Also a damn impressive paintjob and a custom base.

This model has less overt changes to it than above and more subtle ones - the banners, some brasswork and spikes.  The paint scheme helps sell the "bad guy" feel more than anything.

Not a chaos Knight but one themed to the monastic Dark Angels Space Marines.... but the giant bloody mace and the gothic cathedral-like structure mounted on top are too gonzo not to share.
A lot to think about, then.  Can't decide if I'd prefer it more bare bones with just a bonkers pink and purple paint scheme or if I should add more Chaos/Slaaneshi/Noise Marine touches.

Anyway, with the Knight to add to the Chaos Dwarfs, Squats, Chaos Space Marines, Dreadball, Blood Bowl, Man O'War, Dreadfleet and other figures in need of painting there's no need fo rme to buy any more figures at any point in the near future.

And certainly not to buy a piece of 40K terrain on Gumtree because it was a bargain compared to the GW list price.


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