Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Hole In Time & Space

Glasgow Is About To E-X-P-L-O-D-E
I was off work all week last week and thusly had a nice time with Sister Superior lazing about - going to the theater, to the wrestling, to Edinbrugh and generally not doing anything valuable with my time.

I've also managed to do something else, though: add more Vortex templates to my collection.  I now have 6 large blast-sized ones so I can cover the table with holes in time and space as generated by my Missile Silo, and I also have 2 small blast-sized ones for psychic powers.

A photo as the paint dries.
These were made more or less the same as the last time.  Black undercoat, black and dark blue mixes of a couple of different proportions to paint the body; blues and whites mixed together to form the stars & galaxies.  I did a slightly different mix for the energy blasts than before, though, painting more layers on and starting with a thicker brush. 

First there a Mephiston Red/Army Painter Black mix; then Mephiston Red; then Warlock Purple; then Emperors Children pink; then 1xEmperor's Children/1xOff-White mix; then 1xEmperor's Children/2xOff-White mix.  Each time I went down to a thinner line until I had a fairly nuance energy crackle with a pinkish hue.

Original rift on left, new rift on right.

This side by side comparison will show there are some differences - the finish is a lot shinier on the first one because I've not varnished it yet.  The energy blasts being bigger and pinker is something I'm OK with, though I'm not sure my galaxies have come out as good this time.  Because I only painted 2 rather than 6 at a time in my first go the paint was still wet when I applied the new colours on which gave a much more natural blend effect.  This time around it's a lot more blocky.

I think the large blasts are still good enough to use but I'm undecided on the small blasts.  Have I put too much galaxy pattern on them and made them too busy?  I might paint out one or two galaxies on each to try and loosen it up.

In other, casting news....

The current workbench.

I gave my playing buddy Dave a wad of items I cast for him: duplicated pieces so he can make graveyard terrain for his Sisters of Battle temple.  I gave him the mould I made and from each master he got ten duplicates in resin, plus two more sets of ten made from items I had in my collection I thought would be useful.  While he doesn't have resin he does have Milliput which I'm sure will work adequately to make more gravestones.  (If the quality is a little ropey it doesn't matter, because centuries old stone is hardly known for it's crispness!)

Above you can see a large number of Chaos vehicle pieces from the two accessory sprues being duplicated - this is to give me a source of detail for my Missile Silo.  There's more of the Snipers and Cheerleaders, though as before the Cheerleaders aren't working so great.  Note all five of the figures there are broken in some way and will need some surgery if they're going to be usable.  In contrast only two of the nine snipers need any work and it's just gun barrels which are pretty easy  to improvise from Milliput/cut sprue if things go horribly wrong.

The only women figures in Necromunda all look like this.  It's almost like Games Workshop think nerds go for a certain sort of woman....
Finally there's some experimenting in duplicating out of production House Escher figures from nineties sci-fi gang combat game Necromunda.  From the collection of a friend who passed them on to me - I suspect they were in fact his girlfriend's old figures - I think they'd look quite good as a female unit of Slaaneshi Chaos Cultists, and Dave has used some Escher figures to make a female Imperial Guard unit to support his sisters. 

Unfortunately the Escher models are out of production and can go for fairly silly money on eBay.  So if we each want a unit of 10 girls... well.... I'll need to experiment with more moulds!

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