Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Back To Da Gobbos (And A Bit About Pink Too)

Da Green Wunz Is Da Bestest

What's on the painting table this week?  Why, it's Hobgoblins in an effort to get my Chaos Dwarfs ready to play at least a small game before 2014 is out.

The latest boyz
As you can see I've got 16 new Hobgoblins on the way, with the finished guys lurking in the background.  Once they're all painted up it'll be a beastly 30 man unit all armed with two close combat weapons and ready to go stab some people in the back.

Still a lot to do, though.
I've only really started: so base coats of Mephiston Red and Goblin Green for the robes and skin.  The figures are mostly metal but there's a few homecast ones in there to bulk out.  The quality isn't brilliant as they are my earlier figures - I've gotten better at mould making since then.  I may end up substituting them for better casts or genuine figures in the future.

The command group
 Some of you may have noticed the command group with an orange perimeter to their base.  On the left and right are a standard bearer and musician; some fancy metal figures I nabbed on eBay.  The middle is a regular soldier painted differently to be a champion - I do have a Hobgoblin Champion figure but he's armed with an axe and doesn't suit the two-hand-weapons motif, so he's being held back for another unit.  Army Painter Lava Orange gives him his different coloured robes - partly because it's similar yet different to the main scheme but mostly as a little nerdy nod to the old GW paints which had Hobgoblin Orange as a very early colour

Some of you may have noticed something else, though.  A couple of the models have brightly coloured bases - I used their white bases to experiment with colours I was mixing, and one of them is a very bright pink.  What's up with that?

This is up with that.

I's because I got some cheap artists acrylics at a local Glasgow art store.  (Imaginative titled the ArtStore.)  I often pop in when I need new brushes or other odds and ends but last time I noticed that Pebeo paints were down to just £2.45 per 100ml tube.  I knew I needed more blue paint, so I thought I'd give them a try - they're very thick but watered down and mixed with the dregs of remaining Enchanted Blue I had it got my blue paint back up to strength.

They're not quite as high pigment content as miniature paints - they're not designed for as small application so when watered down enough to be used on 28mm figures they can be a bit streaky, but that florescent is too good for a Slaanesh player to pass up.  So I got it, as well as some white and black (because one can never have too many of those basic shades for undercoating and mixing) and went on home, where I experimented with mixing up a lighter shade of pink...

GW Emperor's Children on the left; my new colour on the right.

The end result was a 2:1 mix of Pebeo Fluorescent Pink and Titanium White to produce a light and bright pink.  This serves as a proxy of the now out of print and much missed colour Titillating Pink - Coat D'Arms make many old GW paints, including the Amethyst metallic purple I so love, but Titillating Pink and it's distinctive 80s day-glo has vanished into the mists of time.

What I'm trying to replicate.
It's close enough a match for me and will hopefully give me some more hilarious gaudy options for my Slaaneshi chaps.  If nothing else, it's going to make my Rainbow Warriors even brighter next time around.....

Flash off, a picture of my palette with my home-made pink mix. 

Anyway, enough about pink!  Let's get these Hobgoblins out of the way so I'll finally have two decent sized core units.  Then I'm going to treat myself to some Lords/Heroes to lead them before going back to the units.  I've got loads of stuff in my Chaos Dwarf To Do Box: mostly GW but a few Mantic and Impact figures in there as well.  Without buying anything else I should be able to assemble a decent sized army.

The box.  That Warhammer Forge packet is the next one getting assembled.

Finally, I picked up a vintage miniatures game on eBay recently I've yet to post about.  I'll write about it soon, but here's a related picture to see if any grognards out there remember said game....



  1. I've got a copy of that lying around, too. :) The hokey millennialism doesn't work so well now, but the "Mad Max with a hint of Chaos" is still fun.

    1. That sort of Zeerusty problem does hit a lot of older sci-fi, especially the near future stuff. Any 21st century timeline very quickly look silly - I love Blade Runner but it's set in 2019 which looks increasingly absurd.

      Then again, sometimes things come back into fashion. When I first read The Price Of Freedom in 2010 I remember thinking that a game about the Communist menace and Russia as the threat to world freedom was going to be so dated that none of my players would be able to buy into playing it. Now, Putin has made my campaign hopes more likely. :-)

  2. Car Wars? Also, what is in the Warhammer Forge box? Is it more blastyshootydeath?

    1. The Warhammer Forge box is from way back in January and is three Daemonsmiths. (As shown back in the day: http://beardedquail.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/the-pearly-quail.html)

      It felt silly to paint them up before I actually had an army for them to lead so I left them until I had at least two full Core choices.