Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Chaos Dwarfs Return

Chaos Dwarfs have come a long way over the years.
Have no fear, Warhammer fans!  I have finally started some work on my Chaos Dwarfs after a long gap caused by cruising and... well.... other nerdity.  I enjoy painting but it can be a bit time-consuming and other things have stolen my attention of late.

 I've been finishing reading the Dune house prequels....

It might be meh, but I might as well finish the damn thing.  If nothing else the prequel trilogy has had some interesting ideas to steal for our Dune RPG.
And I've been playing my DS....

Yes, I play Pokemon games, and have done since I picked up Pokemon Red at the probably too old for it age of 15/16.  Yes, I somehow still have a girlfriend.  Wonders never cease.
And I've been fighting to get an old GBA flashcart working again.....

I bought it 10 years ago, it's no longer supported and the drivers are only compatible with Windows XP.  I've had to install a virtual machine just to run the damn thing.

And I've been thinking about D&D, as per my last couple of posts.....

....damnit, I'd wear this.
However, the Chaos Dwarfs are back on the table to be painted.  A wad of cast Blunderbuss figures, along with a metal musician and a converted standard bearer, will take me up to my desired 20 Blunderbuss chaps.

I've yet to play Warhammer 3rd ed, but I do own the core rules - I would like to give it a go sometime.

Expect pics in the next wee while as I am to rattle through these guys, more Hobgoblins, and then get to the fun that is the characters and war machines.

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