Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Proof Of Progress

The stout ones themselves.

My last post promised I had restarted the Chaos Dwarfs but didn't show any of my (admittedly minimal) progress.  So.... er, now I have.

8 Unpainted cast figures in front of four metal and one plastic one.
Here you'll see my situation before I started painting.  My remaining three metal blunderbuss figures are accompanied by eight cast figures.  As you'll see the quality of the casts vary - in particular the guns seem very irregular because a large, flat space is bound to show up imperfections and catch air bubbles.

Undercoated black, with Caliban Green and Adeptus Battlegrey applied.
However, once I went over them with Milliput and undercoated them they come out a lot better.  The quality still isn't as good as metal, but it's good enough to pass muster in a 20 man unit painted to my limited standard.

The command squad - musician, standard bearer and blunderbuss champion.
For the command squad, I managed to source a cheap musician on ebay.  The standard bearer is a plastic Chaos Dwarf axeman figure with the axe snipped off and replaced with a plastic Dwarf standard.  (My old chum Aaron got rid of a wad of his figures to me when he moved out of Glasgow a couple of years ago, including sprues from his Dwarf army - my hoarding finally came up useful!) 

As for the champion, I'm just going to use a regular Blunderbuss guy with a slightly different paintjob.  The official champion figures were all armed with hand weapons, which doesn't really fit  my idea for the unit.

Now, let's see if I can post less about this....

Not a single drop of rain on Arrakis
....and more about these guys, eh?

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