Monday, 14 March 2016

Je Me Rappelle - Off To Paris

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 So I'm afraid I'm going to be out of the country for the next few days, so dull stories of nerdity will have to wait.  Sister Superior and I are off on holiday to Paris!

This isn't the first time we've been to this city - according to my old blog I did so way back in the depths of March 2009.  I also didn't buy an RPG magazine I saw in the airport, apparently, which caused me much distress back then but now I have zero recollection of.

Anyway, tomorrow we go to what Sir Leander always insisted on calling "The Glorious Nation of France" will not return until early Friday evening.

Coat of Arms of Sir Leander, one of Sister Superior's Pendragon Characters -  Ermine A Cock Head Couped Purpure
Our foreign travels have a tendency to be Sister Superior's idea - it's not that I don't like going abroad, but it doesn't tend to be quite as urgent a demand for me, perhaps because I did a lot more travelling as a kid.  Every so often she has to nudge me and remind me it's been a while since we went overseas and then we look into a wee excursion.  This means, ala Manchester, finding somewhere than can appeal to our dual interests of geeky and gothy, nerdy and naughty, studious and sparkly.

We have more than succeeded this time, with a capital "Von Teese".

It's a hard life being me.
Yes, Burlesque performer, fashion icon and general role model of fabulousness for Sister Superior, Ms Dita Von Teese is in Paris.  I suspect for many of you she will need no introduction - even my pretty normaly colleagues at work had heard of her.

We have tickets to see her at the Crazy Horse, a cabaret of some renown and providers of Kylie backing dancers for television.  Dita performed there a decade ago and is performing again for the next few weeks.  We have opening night tickets booked and Sister Superior is SUPER SUPER EXCITED about this, especially because Dita very rarely performs in Europe.

The French are so classy!  Even their nerd shops are named after philosophers.
 Of course I will be looking to check out the local geek scene.  An online search turned up Jeux Descartes as a notable gaming shop and I'm hoping to visit the Paris branch to rummage through the coolness.  My previous visit also turned up a little district of Bande dessinée shops (that is, comics) which I'll probably try to visit again if time permits.  I seem to recall they had a surprisingly large manga selection.

Of course, Sister Superior has her own trolley dash in store...

It's gonna be tragic.
This is Sephora, a notable make-up brand.  Sephora does not as yet have UK stories and though you can order on-line the carriage cost makes it impractical .

They do, however, have a rather large European presence.  Finding a store in Cartagena in Spain when we were on our cruise was the highlight of the trip for her.  The presence of a huge store on the Champs Elysées - one that is open until 23:30 and will contain the Kat Von D inspired makeup range she has so long craved to own - is probably going to bankrupt us.

God bless Star Trek Online, filling out the rather minimal list of canon Romulan ships.
Naturally I'll fill you in on my return on any noteworthy events... as well as give you an update on my other nerdy projects, because before I go back to work I intend to do some more miniature painting and also ramble a bit more about Star Trek which has now crossed the mid-way point of the season and has a full blown Romulan humanitarian disaster to report on.

I've also got a very rare RPG book in my collection that I am going to talk about - one I've wanted to own for years and finally got a proper hard-copy sent to me by a very helpful German gent.  That game is Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet and I intend to explain the good and bad of this rather odd time-travel themed RPG at some length when I return.

Until then... take care and I'll see you on the flip side!

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