Monday, 1 June 2015

Behind The Claw - A Traveller Podcast

"This one goes out to all the GMs"
Most of my RPG writing is purely in blog or web forum form - though I have two articles printed in Pendragon fanzine The Dragons of BritainHowever, today I can tell you I have a piece in an RPG podcast, one I think you should listen to even without my input!

Behind the Claw is a half-hour podcast specializing in Traveller - original 1979 "little black book" Traveller, though most of the content is fairly easy to port into modern Mongoose edition.  The host, Felbrigg Herriot, shares his thoughts on topics like little-known rules or plot hooks.  I find it quite easy to listen to and enjoy an episode on the way into work.

Part 11 contains, at the end, a contribution by myself.  One of the many bounties my group have been given to hunt, Bremno Khan, has been shared with the rest of the world.  Please enjoy!

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