Monday, 22 September 2014

Silo Assembled & Undercoated (And Why I've Been Quiet)

A day to remember
As a Glasweigan my attention has been, truth be told, on other things than nerdy business the past week or so.  After a two year campaign a referendum was held over whether Scotland should be an independent nation - leaving the United Kingdom and the Act Of Union of 1707 - was held on Thursday.  I stayed up all night to watch the election results and ended up quite drained, physically by the event and mentally by years of political discussion finally coming to a head.

I'm actually a bit of a politics geek as well and on previous blogs have rambled on the topic, but not here.  Here I purely aim to write about Chaos Dwarfs, Chaos Marines, bunkers, dice, Ghostbusters, Hobgoblins, daemons, Squats, tanks and other stupidity.  There is, after all, no shortage of other venues to read about Scottish politics - but only one place to read about my attempt to make an Aquila Strongpoint on the cheap.

And read it about it you shall!

The strongpoint all glued together as viewed from the front.

 With my thumb no longer flopping open and spouting blood I cut and glued together all my plastic barricades to the top of the main and side building.  The end result is a complete circle except at the rear, flat side of the side building - just as the original.

You will see some Milliput and some plastic straws used to plug the holes between the barricades.  The barricades I had were a slightly awkward dimension - this seemed the best solution open to me.

View from the back showing the latter & part-barricades

The shortest one-window barricades were used as a pair where the latter is situated to make a small gap where the crew can enter and exit the top section.

The strongpoint sprayed with matt black
 I was a little unsure how it was all going to come out, but after a spray of matt black the flat sections look great.
Rear shot again
The spray will need some patch work done but it's really brought out the ladder, doors and the like.  Once the cardboard pattern is covered it looks a lot better.

The business end of the silo
Now the assembly has been completed, the gaudy colours can begin!

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