Monday, 2 June 2014

Whatever Happened To Those Chaos Dwarfs, Anyway?

The work of Hieronymus Bosch - proof you don't need to stay in the 20th century for RPG ideas.

 So, them thar Chaos Dwarfs of mine.  I've done a little bit more on them since you last saw them, although to be honest I've struggled to keep up much work on them.  I keep meaning to fix it at weekends and then on any given weekend something always seems to come up.

Still, less excuses more pictures, right?

So, I've got thirteen more blunderbuss chaps on the go to get my unit to twenty.  They need some tidying up but most of the base colours are now on.  After tidying up I'll need to move onto highlighting.

The command group and the rest of the troops.
I purposefully wanted to colour the commander differently but the others have also ended up more red than the first block - I may need to correct this to stop them from clashing.

Close-up of command group.

I guess it depends: do you think these guys still seem "tied" together or do the red heavy and green heavy guys jar?

All twenty blunderbuss chaps together for the first time.

More progress soon, hopefully!

Blunderbuss chap from first batch on left, second batch on right.

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